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what time you will change, I already cannot stand

  Now, I’m angry. why,why,why,why,why…..due to my older sister, she is older than me one year, but most of time she looks like my younger sister. when she wants to do something, must do it right now. she doesn’t think the future and other reasons, and doesn’t care her family. she always think that anything will be againsted by her parents, and if her opinions are againsted, she thinks her family members don’t love her. and meanwhile stopping her opinions.

( just now, I want to play basketball, but nobady follow me, so continue……)

I don’t know why angry talk with her every time, and she doesn’t squabble with me, just keep calm. it leads to me more and more angre, and sometimes I really want to abuse her, but I never do.However i don’t know how to solve it, nothing is perfect, maybe sometimes it’s my mistake.

sometimes i look like a older brother for her, but it’s not true. who can give me some suggestions.

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